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As a large or small developer or a homeowner, there are numerous steps you must take when obtaining approvals for projects or requesting zoning changes for the use of your property. Don’t get blindsided by the legal issues that go along with land development – turn to Dreyer Law Firm, P.L. to review and advise you on your property rights. 

Noreen Dreyer relies on over a decade of experience to represent clients in legal matters relating to: 

  • Zoning/Rezoning
  • Land use
  • Land development
  • Impact fee credits
  • Development of Regional Impact
  • Site plan approvals
  • Vested rights determinations
  • Comprehensive plan amendments
  • Comprehensive plan annexations
  • Statutory permit extensions
  • Agreement preparation

We’ll make sure you’re fully prepared by keeping you informed every step of the way. Schedule an appointment with Dreyer Law Firm, P.L. by calling 772-678-3443.

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The legal system can be confusing and strewn with potential pitfalls. Make sure your interests are protected and give yourself the best chance at reaching your legal goals by hiring Dreyer Law Firm, P.L. Besides land use and development issues, we also help with estate planning and probate law. 

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