What Do You Know About Probate Law?

What Do You Know About Probate Law?

Find out what you need to know from a skilled attorney in Stuart, FL

Losing a loved one can be difficult. Especially if you’re tasked with administering their estate but don’t know where to start. Fortunately, Dreyer Law Firm, P.L. is home to Craig Dreyer, the compassionate and experienced probate lawyer you’ve been looking for.

We’ll start by determining if your loved one’s estate qualifies for summary or formal administration.

Summary administration is an option for estates of decedents who have been dead for over two years, or estates with less than $75,000 in assets, excluding protected homes.

Formal administration is the most common form of probate proceeding in Florida. It comes into play when the estate has assets valued over $75,000, or no other probate alternative applies.

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You worry about picking up the pieces. We’ll organize the estate.

There’s a lot involved with administering an estate besides distributing physical assets. Attorney Dreyer will focus on marshalling assets and directing claims to creditors to fairly distribute your loved ones debts.

Attorney Dreyer relies on his knowledge and experience to help you properly:

  • Distribute assets
  • Notify creditors
  • Pay taxes

In addition to probate law, Dreyer Law Firm, P.L. in Stuart can also help you with land development, comprehensive plan annexations and estate planning. Speak with Attorney Dreyer about your loved one’s estate today.